CHOICE CUTS 3.0 launches! As always, find a spelling error, and win a prize. Email the sheep to claim your prize (one prize per error). You'll find much of your old beloved content here, but many articles or sections didn't make the cut. But don't worry, there's a lot of new content to fill the void And not a page was left unedited, so the "old" stuff will seem fresh.

daily quip


Recipes 30,000 feet in the air, physics is your best friend. Read about the beauty of flight.

advice for children The internet is a breeding ground for false-truths and half-rumors. I'm taking a page out of snopes' book and debunkifying some nonsense.

Quickhits Wit faster than the speed of light! Wuh-pau! Discover what makes me tick.

Daylight Savings Time (sucks) Why do we have to monkey with our clocks twice a year? The answer may surprise you.


Tough Choices (a fun game for some ages) Life ain't easy Take a stab at the hard stuff.

Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island St Simons Island is just off the coast of Georgia, and along with cool beaches, a lighthouse, and it's own national park (Fort Frederica), it is home to some nifty tree carvings.

Bread (or why i am a world of worry) Bread isn't just for eating. It's also for obsessing over.

What to Buy an Architect for Christmas Looking for a gift for that special architect in your life? Find help here.


where the hits keep on living

Get the Fuck Out of MY Way You've GOT to get out of my way. Find out what might make me blow.

attack of the jenky monster! I'm on to you Hipsters beware!

Fucking Mechanics I didn't know much about transmissions, until I had to have mine repaired. Discover why I don't trust mechanics.

Half Full / Half Empty Half full or half empty? A group of construction professionals tackle the age old question.

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