Long ago . . .

Before there was ever a website, there was me telling jokes and quips to my friends. With the encouragement and support of a few I turned to the internet to entertain the world.

What's up with the address?

It's amazing how many web addresses are not available. Anything ending in .com relating to my name was taken, any random phrase my brain could crank out was gone as well. In desperation I turned to the dictionary, stumbled across generic, and BAM! It all came together.


This is the third major iteration of The first site was supposed to be a satire on old personal webpages (vintage nineties stuff), but with a twist. It was a decent first effort, but needed work.

The second version of was an extensive redo - the index page was gutted and revamped with picture navigation and more obvious links. The index and page layouts were snazzed up with extensive table code.

The third version of the site (which you are viewing right now) ditched the table layouts in favor of css. The photos category was dropped completely. "Made stuff" was also slashed. The concept being to focus the site.


Below is a (sometimes) detailed and (randomly) accurate chronology of the site.

Website launched with 7 general bitching articles, 5 random thoughts, 2 made stuffs, and 6 photos.

Index page reworked, to make it look less hooky - Because people probably won't get the joke and think the site actually does suck.
The first idea of having an announcements area is introduced in the "Announcements" pane.

"Content Update" is added to the body.

"Content Update" is expanded to link directly to both the page and its subgrouping.

"Content Update" is changed to read "New this Month", as weekly updates seemed more difficult to accomplish.

As an homage to the year 2005, the best content of the year is highlighted.

"Thought of the Day" is introduced. This is the first content on the site that is not static, and updates itself.

The first "shout-out" to a reader for helping find mistakes on the site. The invitation is formally opened up to anyone to find an error "shouldn't be hard".

Link color on the site is changed, so that it is different from the text color.

The version history for the site is formally created, so no guarantees can be made as to the accuracy or completeness of previous content.

Version 2.0 of the website is launched with the new "junk drawer" section, better navigation, an enhanced index page, and even an automatic redirect index.html page. Previously, a copy of the index.htm page was made with every change. Easter eggs are added for the first time.

"Easter Eggs Guide" added as an Easter Egg.

The first game, "tough choices" debuts [and its about time some new content makes its way onto the site.]

The first articles are moved from random thoughts into the random thoughts archive, and the schmarmy little bit about nothing being there is taken off.

The first guestbook is added to the site. It's the basic guestbook that comes with the website company, so it does not look so good.

The seeds section debuts on the site.

2009 is launched. This is the first subdomain on the site.

I realize I haven't updated the version history in quite some time. I go back to update information based on year only.

This guide is converted from an easter egg to standard content.

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