Are you an AutoCAD bitch?


If you can answer yes to the majority of the questions below, then you're probably an autocad bitch.

You have no red pens, but you do have lots of high lighters

No one asks your opinion, they only ask when a drawing set will be done

You're surprised when you get a phone call

You often find yourself just hanging out in the bathroom

To break up the monotony of your workday every once in a while your boss lets you fix the broken toilet seat

You have no Rolodex, nor do you need one

You spend more time emailing friends than talking with co-workers

When there is a need for another phone in the office, you suddenly find yourself without one

Whenever someone needs help lifting or moving something you're always "asked" to help

When there's talk in the office of "staff" cutbacks, you know that "staff" is a code word for you

You still have 997 business cards

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