Editors note: The author of this article is an architect and the publisher of this site is familiar with architects, so both say this article for what it was - a work of satire. If you're here looking for genuine gifts for an architect, please buy them nothing you see on this page.


Having trouble picking a gift for the architect in your life? Below are some tips to help, you, the consumer. And in case you can't be bothered with reading all the words, the actual items you may wish to purchase are shown in bold type.

There is great confusion about what architects do,
Are they some sort of engineer?
Do they build buildings?
Are they super-bridge designers?
Do they only work on houses, or are they never involved with the building of homes?

Most likely no one will ever know (especially their relatives and close friends) but a few scant things are known that may aid the gift purchaser.

Architects are constantly building models and rushing to meetings, hopefully to secure the Madison / Rubechold / Pederson account. Otherwise, they spend their time walking around job sites wearing a hard hat and holding a roll of blueprints. Since they're on their feet so often, comfortable shoes would be a good purchase - just be sure to find out their shoe size first ;) !

ALL architects are excellent with math, just like engineers, because math is THE most essential skill to be an architect. Consider: calculus treatises, logarithmic calculators, even slide rules - all great stuff!

Architects love books and what book could be better than a book found on the discount rack at Barnes and Noble? Some titles you might look for: Famous Buildings of the World, The World Atlas of Architecture, or The World's Greatest Architecture. Can't find those titles at your local book seller? Pick up something about castles or pyramids - both are can't miss topics. But remember the best books about architecture are 9.95 or less!

Just like you see on television and in the movies an architect's desk has only two things on it: a sleek laptop and a few neatly placed blueprints. Also, they most likely work in a rehabilitated factory with brick walls and giant windows, or possibly in their home (which is either some sort of house boat or sitting on the side of a small mountain). The point is, they could use something to spruce up their desk. And nothing could be more practical or useful than a pewter-esque business card holder. Want to show the person you really care? Have it engraved with their initials!

Architects like to stay current on the latest trends, and the best way to do it is through often published magazines. Purchase a subscription to Architectural Digest for the architect in you life. It's the gift that keeps on giving year round!

Architects love skyscrapers. One of those extra long calendars (just make sure the Empire State building lit up in red and green is on December!) would be a great last minute pickup. What's that? Already purchased up the miniature Frank Lloyd Wright calendar? Well then consider the super tall and skinny book, The World's 100 Best Skyscrapers. Both are sure-fire hits!

An architect CAN NOT get enough of Frank Lloyd Wright. He is the number ONE architect of all time, and the only architect that anyone, including architects, knows by name. Sure the FLW books you see at Target around the holidays are crowd pleasers, but "think outside the box" and pick up some other items like calendars, mugs, pens, flasks, ties, tie tacks, watches, pop up books, or video cassettes. Looking to spend a little more on that special someone? Pick up a 60 dollar 4"x6" FLW replica stained glass window. It just looks terrific sitting on their desk at work. And remember, as long as it has anything at all to do with Frank Lloyd Wright, it's sure to be loved by any architect!

Happy shopping!

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