Why is it we (by we I mean the collective human race) can send men to the moon, build two mile long suspension bridges, and make 8 cent ball point pens, BUT there isn't a urinal that exists that doesn't double as a small yellow shower.

The shower thing wouldn't be a problem if you could stand back a few feet from the urinal, but that's not happening. Sure, maybe at a few truck stops that sort of thing is kosher, but in most bathrooms it's not so cool when there's other dudes in there (especially if you're standing next to that nervous eight year old).

Since most men will both always be a little uncomfortable in the presence of other exposed penises AND they don't want a sprinkling of urine on their clothes its time something be done!

The way I see it, the question of the perfect urinals is an engineering problem. We can do the spaceship thing - how insanely complicated is the math involved with that? Forget the construction of the ship, just think of the calculations needed to send an object to the moon and back. Urinals can not be nearly as complicated.

If it's not a question of complexity, it must be resources. I can understand that. Poverty, cancer, global warming sure, let's throw our backs into those efforts. Though, we can still hit the big issues and attack the urinal problem.

We don't need to pull anyone off Cancer. We should put more people on that if you ask me (people rarely ask me though). We don't even need to pull people off Limp Dick. And Limp Dick is about as useless a medical endeavor as there is.

Since its mostly a mathematical/engineering problem, how about making it a engineering school problem? Make it a contest, or assignment, or call it some mysterious riddle of the ages. Call it an elective class or part of a fluid dynamics course. Hold it in lecture hall, the lab, or even the bathroom for all I care. Lets just get some real smart nineteen year olds on the case and get this one knocked out.

Then we can put another check mark on the To Do List of the human race.

The Car for the Common Man

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