Doodle a Day

I started a new program at work - just for me. The point is to do some creative effort, some short little thing all in one day. Now I have to work while I'm doing this, so sometimes, I don't have a ton of time to devote to it. Sometimes, I'm lite on work, or it's a Friday, so I have a little more time.

Below are the first ten doodles from the Doodle a Day idea. I started off with a few random lines or squiggles. As the day drew on, the idea was to keep drawing randomness until something came from it.

Sometimes nothing came of it, sometimes the doodles came out really well. Feel free to judge me, send feedback to: the sheep.

doodle a day one

doodle a day two

doodle a day three

doodle a day four

doodle a day five

doodle a day six

doodle a day seven

doodle a day eight

doodle a day nine

doodle a day ten

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