Stupid Games

I need my life back

I waste way too much time playing stupid internet games and stupid games in general. For the most part the games I play have no ending, they go on forever - so I am constantly chasing new high scores. In an effort to not have wasted so much of my life I have screen captured the final scores of the game. Below are either my highest scores and / or highest score captured.


This is a game where you match symbols by color or shape. You win each level by placing a symbol in every square. Fill a row or column and all the symbols disappear. The variety of colors and symbols increase with each level.

Don Clark Alchemy High Score

Note that I achieved the rank of Master Alchemist - bring on your piles of lead!



I picked up and old Blackberry a few years ago and got hooked (of course) on the Brick Breaker that was included with the phone. The battery eventually died, so I turned to the internet to get my fix (of course). I don't quite remember how this version worked - it was much different than the Blackberry version. This internet version was tricky - you are only allowed five screw ups during the entire game.

Don Clark Brick Breaker high score



The object of JezzBall is to wall off the little balls until you get 75 percent or more of the area with no balls - you create a line with a mouse click - the line moves in both directions until it reaches the perimeter. If it makes it, the line turns solid. The idea is to subdivide spaces until you reach the 75 percent goal. You begin level one with two balls and add a ball for each additional level. Incidentally, this is not my highest score - I achieved that sometime in the mid nineties - which means I'm pushing three decades worth of stupid computer game time wasting here. Recently I found the game and played it for old times sake

Don Clark Jezzball high score



I never lost this game - the computer gave up - afraid of my skill. See the message on the screen in greater depth below.

Don Clark Missle Command high score



Everyone knows how to defeat a computer? You throw logic at it. Or you just keep shooting down incoming missles until the 1978 programming runs out of whatever it ran out of here.
FYI - if you find yourself on a suicidal computer run train from the future that likes to tell riddles make sure not to throw logic at it - instead throw childish riddles at it.

Don Clark Missle Command death error



If someone has wasted time playing stupid computer games, then they have logged time on solitaire. I like to play Vegas style, drawing 3 cards at a time. Here I built up more than 1200 dollars in winnings. Long ago, playing under the same system I was able to win a game before the timer hit 100 - one of the few things in life that I am truly proud of.

Don Clark Solitaire high score

Note that I caught that king right at the arch of his bounce.



This is not my highest score - that's somewhere in the 500s and was achieved long before I had the sense to record these nuggets of greatness

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