I got the idea to write a bunch of shit in the meta tags to try and get people to the website. Ugh. I won't explain what meta tags are because clearly I don't have a full understanding of what they are. If you're curious, go ask someone who knows. I thought the words I used were interesting (and never would be seen unless you viewed the source of the page you are viewing).

I always find it interesting to check out the sources of pages (ehh hmm) I look at - that way I can learn how actual web programmers work. Plus its always good to snip bits of code - especially back in the day before all these fancy programs.

javascript hack job,
loving and learning,
making friends,
healing wounds,
giant eagles,
long runs to the endzone,
monetary exchange,
mispelled words,
still reading?,
grey speakers,
corless phone,
things in front of me since i've run out of random things to write down,
gifts for an architect,
junk drawer,
post it notes,
letters to the editor

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