(as easy as one two three)

STEP 1: Get Married

STEP 2: Move out of state, start everything fresh.

STEP 3: Move back in town, buy house, try to reconnect with family.

STEP 4: That's the question, isn't it?

Where do we go from here? Step 3 was mostly a bust. Marriage, it turns out, is the easy part.

Find a girl, get hitched. Pick up a house along the way, fix the toilet when it breaks.

Nobody told you what to do after you drop thirty grand on an education. I guess they don't care. Welcome to the system son. Here's your number, nobody cares.

Though, somewhere along teh way someone lets in on the big secret: When you wondered why adults were so miserable when you were younger. Answer: It's all just a big countdown to death. No one makes it out alive. Because most people don't figure out what to do with their time.

That's why so many people sit in traffic on the weekends running errands that don't mean shit. Or why so many people work hours of overtime at work. If there's a premade excuse for why you have no time, then you never have to answer to yourself. You know, that part of youself that holds on to your dreams and hopes. It's been with you for a long time. Before you learned about long division or interest rates.

It's there, just listen to it. The voice may not keep you financially sound, but it'll keep the gun out of your mouth.

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