Computer Virus

(don't worry, it's not real)

It used to be a goal of mine to create a message that would one day be forwarded back to me. So far it hasn't happened.

Remember a few years ago when people were going crazy about computer viruses? You'd get a stupid forwarded message every three minutes - forwarded a million times. I thought I would capatilize on the craze and create my own message - fake - but hopefully believable enough to be sent on. It never happened.

Here is one of my early attempts:

I usually don't forward these virus warnings--but this one looks BAD!

take care,


>We just got this from our it guy, thought I would pass it on--looks like a bad one.

> -----Original Message-----

>> From: Brown, Grant E

>> Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 10:24 AM

>> To: Adam Vance; Bruce Mirlees; Carl Holdeman;

>> Mark Uth; Cheryl Tucker; Chris Allen; Chris Jarc; Chris

>> Farro; Christina Meyer; Christopher Harmon; Colleen

>> Cheevers; Donald Lotts; David Grishold; David

>> Windam; Donald Barnes; Donald Cluxton; Donna Schmerge;

>> Douglas Burke; Neil Parks; Max Samson; Tom

>> Fletcher; Geoff Boslin; Grant Brown; Gregory Hammond;

>> Barber; Jennifer Ashba; Jeffrey Jones; Jerome

>> Becher; John McGrath; Julie Hawthorn;

>> Harold Henderson; Kurt Kaupisch; Larry Foltz;

>> Mike Pauly; Mark Cravens; Mike Frey; Nancy Wagner

>>There's a new virus we've learned about this morning and we're working on a patch,
>but in the mean time be very careful. It tries to make you open a zip file. Here's
>what it looks like:

"Subject line: Open this attachment and you will be destroyed"


"Body: Harbinger-65.9_M bears witness to all and answers to no one. Submit or be consumed in the fires of the deep."


>>It sounds really cryptic, and is tempting to open to see what it is--BUT DO NOT.


>>Apparently the virus is demonic being who has been channeled through this
>virus--we're not sure how at this point. If you open the attachment the demon/virus
>moves toward any removable storage you have on your system, exits the system,
>and enters your body. At this point we're not sure exactly how/where the demonic
>enters your body--again we're working on a patch for it. Hopefully by
>tomorrow afternoon we'll have that together.


>>The line "Submit or be consumed in the fires of the deep" is deceptive--you do not
>have the option to submit. In fact you are given no choice at all.


>If you get this email DO NOT OPEN IT! Call John or myself ext. 234 and we'll help
>you safely remove it from your system.





>>Mitchell K. Newman

>> Information Technologies Specialist




>Solutions for the Digital Age


>P: 348-241-4266

>F: 348-241-4267


>***This message (including any attachments) may contain

>privileged and/or

>confidential information intended for a specific individual

>and purpose, and

>is protected by law. If you are not the intended

>recipient, you should

>delete this message. Any disclosure, copying or

>distribution of this

>message, or the taking of any action based on it, is

>strictly prohibited.***

Ok, enough of that. A little more on this. I received a few responses from people. Most considered it a joke. I guess I included TOO much satire. I started with a genuine forwarded email and changed almost everything. I think my company tagline was made up (can't remember for sure though).

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