I wish I had a lot of things.

Sacks of cash. So I didn't have to work. I could write all day. Or just watch movies I like Or build stuff. I'd certainly have more time for this website.

Maybe I could know a famous person. Like Britney Spears or Matt Damon. That'd be neat. I wouldn't necessarily want to go to parties or hang out with them. Maybe just email and chat about their new blender or my latest random semi-funny thought.

How about having a big group of people over to my place. We all laugh, have some drinks. Maybe my parents come, my in-laws, some friends. Some people have beers, some don't, but that's ok. It's not an issue. Everyone would talk, play some air-hockey, some badminton. That would be really nice to have.

How about being able to discuss alcohol and having a fucking glass of wine with my family? That would be fantastic.

How about between my wife and I a normal healthy relationship with one of our parents?

How about a holiday gathering where I don't have to watch every word I say?

How about, when it's Christmas time, giving and receiving presents aren't a fucking guilt-trip or some elaborate story?

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